I was surprised when I was in Helsinki, Finland. They really take sustainable shopping seriously. Obviously there is plenty of places that just don’t care. But as a consumer you really have the option of shopping in a more sustainable way! One of the shops I really found amazing was the Lovia shop. They were founded in 2014, but the first years they just concentrated in finding out what was possible to use and rescue from the leather production. Leather waste is a very big problem all over the world, and it is nice to see that someone is taking care of a little percentage of it. But there is about 800.000 tons of leather waste to take care of, so obviously there is a lot to do. Lovia is producing pretty bags from leather waste to affordable prices. And I totally fell in love with their Trash bag. Check them out at Lovia Collection

Anna Pyyhtiä and Minna Aalto started Nudge webstore 10 years ago, and today they are running one of Helsinki’s most interesting shops with a wide variety of things. You can buy second hand jeans, funky jewelry, creams, baby clothes, shoes etc. I would say that it is hard to not find something here! Anna and Minna really make an effort when they choose what to sell in their shop. Most of the items comes with a story. One cool thing they sell here is the staff clothes when it is time to change.

Nudge, Yrjönkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki

And then I went to the Fashion Garden that is located in the Kämp Galleria. I found several great Finnish brands here. The gallery is 20 years old, and many of them are local designers that work with sustainable materials. There is aslo a pop up place that changes every month, you find music events, artists and they even have something called Garden and Friends were they invite likeminded and locally known people.If you like hats there is éN Hats that are handmade just a few blocks away from Kämp. And they even had some hats in Sex and the City! They also think sustainably and shape all their hats with water powered steam. This cats are something that you keep, so that is sustainably too! I didn’t get one, and I so regret it!!!Arela has some fantastic cashmere knitwear designed by Maija Arela. I really like this shop, it had an italian touch to the design. Really  classy!But you find so may different shops at Kämp, it is a really nice galleria.

Kämp Galleria, Pohjoisesplanadi 33, HelsinkiThe last stop I had on my shopping tour was the Relove. It is a second hand shop and a cafe. I found the most amazing old kimono here. People are handing in their clothes here on commission, and the turnover is fast! I didn’t try the cafe, but I will on my next trip!

Relove, Sandelsinkatu 6, HelsinkiThank you Leena for taking me ot and about all over Helsinki! Kiitos!


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