Salmon side is easy to grill, and really beautiful! You can serve it with salad, potatoes or rice. Grilling the salmon takes about 20-40 minutes depending on the size of it, it should have an inside temperature of 54 degrees when finished. If you cannot measure the temperature, cut a small piece where it is at its thickest. It should be fully grilled inside, light pink. For this recipe with grilled salmon side, I used a salmon of about 1 kilo. So the dimensions are made after that. You can add more or less of everything, it’s up to you!

Grilled salmon side ingredients

  • Salmon side
  • Fresh ginger, about 5 cm finely chopped
  • Leaf parsley, two twigs only leaves
  • Rose pepper, I used whole and some crushed ones in the end
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons light soy sauce
  • salt flakes

This is what you do

  1. Start the grill, the salmon should be in the middle and the charcoal should be around it. So before you grill the salmon, you move the charcoal to the sides. But first of all start the grill.
  2. Chop the parsley finely and the ginger
  3. Sprinkle with parsley, ginger, and salt over the salmon.
  4. Mix the oil and soy, and pour of it over the salmon
  5. I put on the whole rose peppercorns, and in the end I sprinkled some supported rose pepper over the salmon.
  6. Grill in the middle of the grill under the lid with the charcoal around. Not below!
  7. The salmon is ready when it is about 54 degrees. Carefully move the salmon to a tray or cutting board.
  8. I sprinkled some stuffed rose pepper over the rice too. Really nice!

Malin Nordblom

Instagram @fabfoodieswede



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