Lilac sugar syrup

It takes a few days before to get the Lilac syrup done. But when it is finished, it is as beautiful as it tastes good. If you use purple lilacs the syrup will become pink or light purple.

Lilac syrup ingredients

2 dl sugar
2 dl of water
1 clean scrubbed lemon cut into slices
2 grams of citric acid
10 scrubbed lemon slices

This is how you make Lilac Sugar syrup

  1. Remove the flower petals and make sure they are free of small animals and dirt. Rinse if you like.
  2. Pour sugar and water into a saucepan and bring to a boil until the sugar has dissolved, remove from the heating source.
  3. Mix in the citric acid.
  4. Add the lilac flowers to a large glass jar, place the lemon slices on top. They weigh down the lilac flowers, so they do not turn brown.
  5. Pour the sugar syrup over it, leave the lid on a bit loose.
  6. Leave it in the refrigerator, stir 1-2 times a day.
  7. After 3-5 days, strain flowers and lemons and pour the mixture into a well-cleaned glass bottle.
  8. Store in a refrigerator.
  9. By Malin Nordblom

Instagram @fabfoodieswede

Email if you want to use pictures or recipes!

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