Jesper Krabbe, danish chef

Chef Jesper Krabbe used to work as a Sous Chef at the Michelin restaurant Henne Kirkeby Kro. 

But he longed for another way of life and started Krabbefood. Jesper is passionate about the nature, freshly produced food that are in season from the sea and nature. And he loves fires. So that is what he is doing now! He started his own company and brings people out in the nature to cook with them.So Jesper brought most of the food, and we brought some lobster and crab that we had caught when we were out on a Seafood Safari tour with Michael Madsen and Chresten Maarupgaard from Jyllandsakvariet.The table couldn’t be located better! So we had a real seafood feast, with grilled and cooked food, potatoes and white asparagus. And some nice wine!A totally different way of cooking than when he worked at Kirkeby Kro. And I appreciate a restaurant in the nature as much as a Fine Dining restaurant. It s harder to cook out in in the nature in a way because you can’t control the heat as easily as you do when you use a cooker. But Jesper is experienced and handles it perfectly!Freshly cooked seafood, it can’t be more freshly produced than this.

Jesper has big plans, he is setting up a restaurant B&B at his house so that people can stay the night and relax after the meal. Or just have more wine:)The table setting was just so nice!!!Squid, turbot and some other seafood. Finely cooked down at the beach. It is rustic and fantastic way to experience the Danish West Coast. It is about the experience as much as the food! Because the Danish West Coast is full of crab, lobster, turbot.. Well just about everything you can imagine!

Jesper in action! He is really a brilliant chef! One of the tops at the beach, Erik came around and had a long chat. Such a storyteller! So I had the beach experience with Krabbefood, but you can as well book an experience in the woods. Or at his Hayloft where he can fit in 46 persons! And there will be little huts at the field where you can stay the night!After this meal I was feeling at peace and wen’t back to the hotel with a happy smile! Thank you Jesper!!! I had a really great evening!!!

So look at the other pictures, I don’t think I ever posted so many photos from one dinner. But it was to hard to choose..

I would recommend this experience for a group of friends or family, dinner with work or why not get married down the beach and let Jesper cook for you!

You can find out more here:



På gensyn as they say in Denmark!

You find some short videos at You Tube, here is a link to one of them.

Jesper Krabbe, Krabbefood

Text and photos Malin Nordblom

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