Hotel Blique by Nobis

I had a staycation this weekend at Hotel Blique By Nobis in Stockholm. My first impression when I entered was that it felt like I had landed in Miami downtown. And If I would describe the hotel in two words, then it would be Raw Luxury. I have to say that staying in Stockholm at a hotel is really great, and I understand why so many people choose to do so.

You first notice the stylish Check in area

Sigurd Lewerentz designed one of the buildings in the 20th Century as a ware house and office for Philips AB, and Gert Wingårdh redesigned it into a hotel with a very gentle hand so that the soul of the building is still there. The other part of the hotel was from the beginning designed in the 1990’s by Alenius Silfverhielm Åhlund. Today the hotel is full of stylish interior, art, 2 restaurants, meeting rooms, several bars and a lot of social areas where you can enjoy different happenings. And a fantastic courtyard, I have to come back when it is a bit warmer!

Meetings, or have a drink, lot’s of options. 

You find concrete, leather, wood, green plants and art all over the hotel that gives it this warm feeling of luxury. I for sure enjoyed sitting in the big open lounge sipping on my drink while I was looking at people passing. 

One of the bars is located in the big entrance lounge.
I slept like a rock, the room was totally quiet!

There are 249 rooms in different sizes between and I stayed in a studio. It had a double bed, kitchenette, wide screen TV and a really big shower. The hotel also offers some windowless rooms called Sleep Deeper, that you can choose if you have a problem with the Swedish summer light or just wan’t it really dark when you sleep. I often have a problem at hotels because of light or noise, but I didn’t have this at all here! 

The studio had it’s own lounge area, and you can also rent the studios for a longer period. 

Really nice bathroom

Stylish bathroom with beige terrazzo tiles, glass door into the big shower, heated flooring and metal fixtures. A very big plus here was that they had two different light sources. One with a more soft orange light, and the other with white light so that I could put my make up on. This is an important detail for everyone using make up, that many hotels doesn’t understand.

The breakfast buffet was a real joy, and you eat it at the reataurant at the bottom floor! They do not serve bacon and egg, but ramen, plenty of fresh juices, salmon, smoothies, freshly baked bread and much more. Breakfast is a very important for me, and sometimes I choose a hotel because of their breakfast. Blique by Nobis both had a great buffet and rooms. I would love to come back!

There is one more restaurant at the hotel, Arc Rooftop, and I will dedicate them with their own post here at the blog.

Other facts about the hotel, free and fast Wi-Fi, a gym, possibility to rent bikes. 

The hotel is just a short walk from the tube and buses. The area is famous for their galleries, there is some nice shopping close by and it only takes some minutes on the tube to Stockholm City Centre.

Blique by Nobis

Gävlegatan 18

113 30 Stockholm

+46 8 557 666 00

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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  1. CARAMEL skriver:

    Must be nice to be able to do some traveling and stay in hotels…we are still waiting for hotels to open here.

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. Fab Foodie Swede skriver:

      It is a nice feeling, but keeping a distance to everyone.

      Gillad av 1 person


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