Isaan in stockholm

Sayan Isaksson is creating food that is bursting of Thai flavours with as much local ingredients as possible. And this is just how food should be created today, we all have to use what we have around us as much as possible. Most of the inspiration at the restaurant is taken from the Isaan region in Thailand where both Sayan and some of the others chefs originate from.

Laab of aged cow and greens.

Sayan Isaksson is the man behind two Michelin restaurants, he has won gold with the Swedish Culinary Team twice, cooked Nobel dinners etc.. Today he discovers the flavours of his native country with a great curiosity. 

Sayan Isaksson 

If you expect the normal Thai kitchen, then your at the wrong place. You won’t find anything like it here, instead you can get genuine Thai food in one of the most magnificent restaurant scenen in Stockholm. Street food and chandeliers, yes this is the place. Top it with some cocktails, and in the weekend here is a DJ playing mostly jazz and soul. My only complaint is that the size of my cocktail was way to small. Open for breskfast(I haven’t tried that one, brunch, lunch evenings. The brunch is just amazing, and the dessert table is to die for! 

And amazing dessert table

Restaurant Isaan’

Berzelii Park, Stockholm


Isaan in Stockholm 

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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