Home made Ceviche

Ceviche is great to serve as a appetizer or as a part of a buffet. If you have lot’s of little pieces left after you cleaned a fish, then it is perfect to make a ceviche too. Or just buy some fish and slice it up into little pieces. Anyway, it is a tasty little thing. Here is one way to make it.


Serves 4-6

400 gram pin boned fish like char, salmon or any fish you like. At the picture there is 3 different kinds of fish. Cut into small pieces.

60 ml freshly squeezed lime juice

Lime zest from 3-4 limes

1 tablespoon of finely sliced jalapeno chili, seeds removed

1 large ripe avokado, or 2 smaller cut into small pieces

1 tsp salt

1/2 red onion, cut into really small pieces (optional)

Serve on Nacho Chips, sallad leaves or serve on little spoons.


1. Combine the pieces of fish with the lime juice and salt and let it cure for 15-20 minutes in the fridge.

2. Add the avokado, lime zest, jalapeno chili and red onion red onion. Toss to combine. Taste and add more salt or lime if you wan’t.

3. Scoop up on sallad leaves, nachos or spoons.

Serve as soon as possible.

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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