Art Bakery in Stockholm

I had the joy of introducing the British food and travel writer Yasemen Kaner-White to some Swedish Princess and Estelle cake yesterday when she had a short stop in Stockholm. The Princess cake first appeared in the “Princess cookbook” from 1948, which was published by the princess teacher Jenny Åkerström. The cake was first called Green cake, but was named Princess cake later as all the princesses liked it. The princesses were Princess Margaretha, Princess Märtha and Princess Astrid. The Estelle cake was created by Stefan Romare, Stefan Johan Petersén and Cigdem Demirkira at the old NK Bakery for the princess Estelle when she was born in 2012.
The Princess cake is made with an airy sponge cake, raspberry jam, pastry cream and lots of whipped cream. And it is covered with green marzipan. 
The Estelle cake is made out of a sponge cake, pastry cream, raspberry yoghurt mousse, pink marzipan and meringues. 

I will add some recipes soon. But these are from the Art Bakery in Stockholm. You can find some great pastry chefs there as Johan Sörberg and Frida Bäcke who both has been competing with their fantastic pastry in the Culinary Team and the Swedish Pastry Team.

I recommend you to have a Swedish fika here! 

Art Bakery

Regeringsgatan 47, Stockholm, Sweden


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