Gastrotek Zink in Stockholm

Gastrotek Zink is located at Östermalm in Stockholm and the brothers Filip and Daniel Guven and their PDF Brasserie Group is behind this restaurant just like many others popular places at the Stockholm dining scene. So the old Zink Grill closed down several years ago, and this is like a new version of it in brand new clothes. Tengbom Architects are behind its classic interior, and it looks like it’s always have been there. But for many years there were a sad Chinese restaurant, so this is really a popular step up for the area. It has already become a popular hang out place for locals and others.

The food concept is a lot about sharing, and inspiration is taken from Toscana in Italy, the Basque area in Spain and Provence in France The grill is still an essential piece in the restaurant just like at the old location. I tried out several different dishes, and I was happy to see that they have put as much effort into the vegetarian dishes as into the others. The brothers has been listening to their daughters, and taken up what many people ask for today. More greens! Chef Joni Germond is behind all the exciting dishes, and I can see myself here many more times. The sad thing is that I used to live 50 meters from the location when it was a lousy restaurant. Mayby it is time to move back.. The price is reasonable so you should definitely give it a try.

Gastrotek Zink, Grev Turegatan 20, Stockholm

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© Malin Nordblom

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